Saturday, 25 October 2014

Relax With Me

Hi lovely bloggers,
As we all know life can be very stressful, Ive been feeling this way for a couple of days now. I have figured out some things I do to help me relax and really forget about the problems. I thought of making this post to help if you feel stress and give you ideas what you can do to just chill and take your mind away from the problem that's bringing you stress, I know how hard it can be especially when I get stressed I  don't sleep very well at night, so doing these things I'm going to show is important for me to just relax and have escapism.

Taking a warm bath is so relaxing for me especially with candles. I used the Zoella fiz bar, which I loved it maked the bath smell so good. 

Blogging makes me so happy and so relax, its so nice to blog and be able to talk about what I love and do something I really enjoy and not worry about what stressing me. 

When I was in High School doing my GCSE my teacher told us a technique to relax us from the stress we had, she was doing yoga and told us a very simple but effective breathing technique she has leant. Which is to sit down or lie down and breath in and out, while listing to your breathing. This is so relaxing and really helps me. 
I also love relaxing with a hot cup of green tea. Really relaxes me. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Zoella Beauty line

Hello lovelies,
                Today I'm giving a review on Zoella's beauty products. As we all know Zoella realised her own line of beauty products. She realised 2 Makeup bags/Pencil Cases, Perfume (8.00 pounds), Fizz bar (5.00) , body lotion (5.00) , Glow Candle (5.00) , Bath Soak/Shower Cream (5.00) . Her line is sold in SuperDrugs and Feel Unique

I can't get over her cute packaging, OMG I haven't seen such a cute packaging in a long long time. For me packaging so important because, it what draws me into smelling or purchasing a product. I know everyone is obsessed with her packaging but who wouldn't it so pretty and so cute.  I honestly wanted to purchase everything from her line just because of the packaging, but I had to control myself so for now I bought 2 of her products that I was dying to try. I love the fact that Youtubers/Bloggers are having their own products which is supper exciting. I can't wait for her to realise more. Maybe eye makeup HINT HINT ZOE! she always have amazing eye makeup anywho's this what I purchased. 

 This is the first product that I gravitated towards because again the cute packaging.I actually expected the perfume to smell really sweet and girly but, actually it has indescribable scent that I would never of thought it would smell like, it so unique, most perfumes made my celebrities are very sweet and predictable, however zoe's perfume is sweet but not to sweet just the perfect scent. Basically when you go by superdrugs give it a smell it so good your so going to buy it q actually  suites any age.  It's inexpensive it cost 8.00 pounds and for 45ml that's amazing. I love the fact that her line it so inexpensive I guess the perfect range for her target audience which are teenagers. I thought because of the price I thought the scent wasn't going to last long as its a  body mist. Surprising it actually stays quite long I've been wearing it everyday since I purchased the scent stays long especially on my clothes. 'll smell  my clothes at the end of the day and it will still smell like I just sprayed. This is my favourite thing from the 2 things I bought, and trying this I want to try her whole line. Apparently the scent is the same on all her products

5.00 Pounds
the fizz bar also smells like the perfume which is a bonus. As  you can see the actually fizz bar looks like a chocolate bar, I find it really funny that on the back it says DON'T EAT as this looks so tasty. I love the fact that it has the letter Z on each individual bar. I use 2 bars because I think it what works the best. I actually expected a little bit more using this product, I thought it would be more exciting like lush Fizz Bar, which is fine because as we can see she's bringing unique products to the market which  I Love. 

Next products I want to purchase in order
  1. Her candle, it smells so good similar to the perfume but much softer which is very nice
  2. Bath soak/ shower cream, I think this going to be Zoella scents overload which so exciting 
  3. Lotion Cream, I love the fact that it has so much so many good ingredients that just amazing. 
  4. Makeup bag I absolutely love her makeup bags the quality is amazing, the only reason why its not on the top its just because I have so many makeup bags,  but because of the packaging I think I just have to purchase it. 
I hope you liked my thoughts on her products, and if you haven't yet purchased (which I doubt) or smelled her products I really hope you do I adore her range and I hope you do too. I love sharing my favourite with you guys. I'm so exited because I never have found a range in the drugstore that I love everything and have to control myself not to buy everything.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

UD Basics EyeLook

    I haven't had the UD basics for so long so this isn't a review it's a makeup look i've been creating and loving. I hope you love it too.

use primer first so your eyeshadow can last.
1. I used Stray all over the lids
2.Frisk half of the lids 
3. Put Cover in your crease area
4. Finally use Primal on the outer V and then blend, so there's no harsh lines. 
5. Then I finished with Eyeliner to give the look a bolder effect. 

thank you hope you enjoy
If any questions please write bellow. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Get ready with me: Birthday Party

Hi everyone
                 today I'm doing a get ready with me post this is a birthday party addition.
It was my dads birthday dinner, we went to London for the day as a birthday celebration.

 I decide to go for a black dress, because black is so elegant witch how the restaurant was.  It was a cold day, I decide to pair my dress with a black cardigan that looked like a blazer I got from H&M absolute love it, I got the dress from select a couple of months ago.

This is the Make Up I used for the Birthday Party, I'm going to do a separate blog on the look, because its a look I've been using everyday since I got the UD basics 2.

I created 2 side braids, and tie it in the back. I love creating this hairstyle. first its simple and second it goes with every outfit and its just beautiful, it specially works for me because, I have curly hair so it can get a bit bushy  so, but creating two sides braids it helps to reduce the bushiness from the front bits.

Perfume I used was Zoella's perfume which I'm loving right now.

Thank You
Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OTD: Uni

Hi lovelies,

                These what I wore today for Uni. Hope you like it. Its a simple outfit for a cold day, which is everyday in Britain.

Especially in the winter, I love wearing sweaters its so cosy and suitable for the weather. I just seem to gravitate towards sweater looks more, than wearing blouses for example. So simple but so cute I think sweaters make an outfit look so pretty, but that just my opinion, especially when they have a patter or something. For Example this sweater is knitted by the shoulders. I usually go for more bold statements but today I felt like going simple. sometimes simples is good. As you can see I'm wearing my stable trousers, I just love them as you can see by the post I wrote.

The Jumper- Select  ( select offer student discount, 10%)
Trousers- Matalan
Hope you enjoy this blog post, Please comment bellow with any feedback.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Student Lock In: Haul

     Its that time of the year for Student Lock In. Like every year around this time there's always a Student Lock In, and for the past 2 years I've attended.

For those who don't know, what Student Lock In is. Student Lock In is an event for College & University student where certain shops, where there's Crazy sales. For example, H & M had 20% off their whole store, which is amazing and so excited so, most student come to this event as you can imagine its gets packed in the centre. The most annoying thing is you have line up outside to get a wrist band, that says "student", so when you purchase something you have to show the wrist band to get the discount.

Apart from the sales, they also give out free stuff outside the shops for example, there was a popcorn stand, candy floss stand and they where giving free shots or mini bottles of bear, which is something I don't care about. I only went to the Candy Floss stand, because come on! its Candy Floss.

I went with my Godmother as we are both Beauty obsessed and basically shopaholics. I'll get into the haul now.

The first shop we went to of course was Debenhams, they offered 10% on cosmetics and of course in the make up world that such an amazing discount. Like you all know the new UD basics palette has finally been realised to the UK. We rushed into Debenhams , I knew they would get out of stock really quickly especially because of the discount. luckily we got there very early there was hardly anyone in debenhams, they where all outside lining . We purposely went into debenhams  supper early to ask if it was possible to reserve a Palette. The girl who worked there said, if i showed my student card I could get the discount without having to show the wrist band. This was so great as the whole point we went to Student Lock In was for the UD palette so, we left debenhams as a very happy customer.

We  decide to go make the line, so I can get the wrist band. We thought  we might as well. The line actually went faster than I thought.

The next shop we  purchased from was "The Beauty Studio" which is a shop made by Superdrugs. Incredibly they had 20%, OMG YES 20% OFF.  The whole store, this was so amazing we where supper excited. I decide to go to the (Zoe) "Zoella Beauty stand", which stadly was very small and hardly had her products. I went to her stand last week and again they hardly had her products, I loved the smell of the perfume and it was out of stock, the same with her fizz bar. Out of luck both products I wanted to purchased where in stock and 20% off wow! I also love the rest of her line but maybe other day. I can't go Crazy!

I decide to buy my sister favourite perfume "Lady Million" (50ml). The perfume shop had 15% discount plus the Lady Million was already on discount, so that was bonus.

These are all of the products I've purchased but where things I wanted for a long time, for example the UD palette and Zoe's products.

I want to do a separate Blog Post for Zoella Beauty and UD palette. This is why I didn't talk to much about them. I think they both deserve their own separate blog post.

I hope you enjoy my small hall.
please comment bellow with any questions about anything.
Here's my Godmother's blog post if you want to see what she got
Butterfly By Me
Thank you.



Thursday, 9 October 2014

Favourite Perfume

Hi Lovlies, 
                   I decided to create this series and tell you my favourite perfume scent for each month, as it always changes. I have so many perfumes that I try to change them around all the time, but always stick to loving one for at least a month and then swap again. I think it depends sometimes I prefer my sweet scents, sometimes my floral perfumes. 

Form the end of August to Now I've been loving my floral perfume called L'eau Dissey. its a limited perfume just for summer, I know its not summer anymore but sometimes I like more freshers scent than over powering sweet scents. The scent of this perfume reminds me of a flower garden in the summer which is a scent I really love. 

Instead of trying to describe the scent, I will write the ingredients down. 
Pink grapefruit, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Guava, Vanilla and wood. Just now reading the ingredient I realised I love the smell  of each of the ingredients.  The scent is not overpowering its perfect, Surprisingly it stays on the body for awhile, I think the scent last for about 4-3 hours, which is amazing of course. 

I adore the bottle its so unique and simply cute, its not the perfect travel size bottle, as I like keeping my perfumes in my bag to be able to apply them during the day, however I resolved this issues by purchasing those mini travel size perfume bottle. The bottle is glass its light blue which such a perfect summer colours as it reminds me of the light blue sky in the summer. The bottle has pink  outline drawing of the inside of a fruit , I think it could be passion fruit which is one of the ingredients. I love that the image looks as if it was painted on. Its a  very artistic bottle. The packaging is very simple but so effective. The use of two simple colours that work together makes the bottle look so pretty, and there both summer colours. The shape of the bottle is what makes the perfume bottle unique in my opinion. 

I'm going to be supper upset when I finish this bottle, as I'm not able to purchase other one, so I'm trying to not use it a lot which is not really happening because I use it everyday. 

I hope you have enjoyed today blog post 
If any comments/ ideas please comment bellow