Thursday, 9 October 2014

Favourite Perfume

Hi Lovlies, 
                   I decided to create this series and tell you my favourite perfume scent for each month, as it always changes. I have so many perfumes that I try to change them around all the time, but always stick to loving one for at least a month and then swap again. I think it depends sometimes I prefer my sweet scents, sometimes my floral perfumes. 

Form the end of August to Now I've been loving my floral perfume called L'eau Dissey. its a limited perfume just for summer, I know its not summer anymore but sometimes I like more freshers scent than over powering sweet scents. The scent of this perfume reminds me of a flower garden in the summer which is a scent I really love. 

Instead of trying to describe the scent, I will write the ingredients down. 
Pink grapefruit, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Guava, Vanilla and wood. Just now reading the ingredient I realised I love the smell  of each of the ingredients.  The scent is not overpowering its perfect, Surprisingly it stays on the body for awhile, I think the scent last for about 4-3 hours, which is amazing of course. 

I adore the bottle its so unique and simply cute, its not the perfect travel size bottle, as I like keeping my perfumes in my bag to be able to apply them during the day, however I resolved this issues by purchasing those mini travel size perfume bottle. The bottle is glass its light blue which such a perfect summer colours as it reminds me of the light blue sky in the summer. The bottle has pink  outline drawing of the inside of a fruit , I think it could be passion fruit which is one of the ingredients. I love that the image looks as if it was painted on. Its a  very artistic bottle. The packaging is very simple but so effective. The use of two simple colours that work together makes the bottle look so pretty, and there both summer colours. The shape of the bottle is what makes the perfume bottle unique in my opinion. 

I'm going to be supper upset when I finish this bottle, as I'm not able to purchase other one, so I'm trying to not use it a lot which is not really happening because I use it everyday. 

I hope you have enjoyed today blog post 
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