Saturday, 11 October 2014

Student Lock In: Haul

     Its that time of the year for Student Lock In. Like every year around this time there's always a Student Lock In, and for the past 2 years I've attended.

For those who don't know, what Student Lock In is. Student Lock In is an event for College & University student where certain shops, where there's Crazy sales. For example, H & M had 20% off their whole store, which is amazing and so excited so, most student come to this event as you can imagine its gets packed in the centre. The most annoying thing is you have line up outside to get a wrist band, that says "student", so when you purchase something you have to show the wrist band to get the discount.

Apart from the sales, they also give out free stuff outside the shops for example, there was a popcorn stand, candy floss stand and they where giving free shots or mini bottles of bear, which is something I don't care about. I only went to the Candy Floss stand, because come on! its Candy Floss.

I went with my Godmother as we are both Beauty obsessed and basically shopaholics. I'll get into the haul now.

The first shop we went to of course was Debenhams, they offered 10% on cosmetics and of course in the make up world that such an amazing discount. Like you all know the new UD basics palette has finally been realised to the UK. We rushed into Debenhams , I knew they would get out of stock really quickly especially because of the discount. luckily we got there very early there was hardly anyone in debenhams, they where all outside lining . We purposely went into debenhams  supper early to ask if it was possible to reserve a Palette. The girl who worked there said, if i showed my student card I could get the discount without having to show the wrist band. This was so great as the whole point we went to Student Lock In was for the UD palette so, we left debenhams as a very happy customer.

We  decide to go make the line, so I can get the wrist band. We thought  we might as well. The line actually went faster than I thought.

The next shop we  purchased from was "The Beauty Studio" which is a shop made by Superdrugs. Incredibly they had 20%, OMG YES 20% OFF.  The whole store, this was so amazing we where supper excited. I decide to go to the (Zoe) "Zoella Beauty stand", which stadly was very small and hardly had her products. I went to her stand last week and again they hardly had her products, I loved the smell of the perfume and it was out of stock, the same with her fizz bar. Out of luck both products I wanted to purchased where in stock and 20% off wow! I also love the rest of her line but maybe other day. I can't go Crazy!

I decide to buy my sister favourite perfume "Lady Million" (50ml). The perfume shop had 15% discount plus the Lady Million was already on discount, so that was bonus.

These are all of the products I've purchased but where things I wanted for a long time, for example the UD palette and Zoe's products.

I want to do a separate Blog Post for Zoella Beauty and UD palette. This is why I didn't talk to much about them. I think they both deserve their own separate blog post.

I hope you enjoy my small hall.
please comment bellow with any questions about anything.
Here's my Godmother's blog post if you want to see what she got
Butterfly By Me
Thank you.



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