Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OTD: Uni

Hi lovelies,

                These what I wore today for Uni. Hope you like it. Its a simple outfit for a cold day, which is everyday in Britain.

Especially in the winter, I love wearing sweaters its so cosy and suitable for the weather. I just seem to gravitate towards sweater looks more, than wearing blouses for example. So simple but so cute I think sweaters make an outfit look so pretty, but that just my opinion, especially when they have a patter or something. For Example this sweater is knitted by the shoulders. I usually go for more bold statements but today I felt like going simple. sometimes simples is good. As you can see I'm wearing my stable trousers, I just love them as you can see by the post I wrote.

The Jumper- Select  ( select offer student discount, 10%)
Trousers- Matalan
Hope you enjoy this blog post, Please comment bellow with any feedback.

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