Thursday, 16 October 2014

Get ready with me: Birthday Party

Hi everyone
                 today I'm doing a get ready with me post this is a birthday party addition.
It was my dads birthday dinner, we went to London for the day as a birthday celebration.

 I decide to go for a black dress, because black is so elegant witch how the restaurant was.  It was a cold day, I decide to pair my dress with a black cardigan that looked like a blazer I got from H&M absolute love it, I got the dress from select a couple of months ago.

This is the Make Up I used for the Birthday Party, I'm going to do a separate blog on the look, because its a look I've been using everyday since I got the UD basics 2.

I created 2 side braids, and tie it in the back. I love creating this hairstyle. first its simple and second it goes with every outfit and its just beautiful, it specially works for me because, I have curly hair so it can get a bit bushy  so, but creating two sides braids it helps to reduce the bushiness from the front bits.

Perfume I used was Zoella's perfume which I'm loving right now.

Thank You
Hope you enjoy

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