Monday, 20 October 2014

Zoella Beauty line

Hello lovelies,
                Today I'm giving a review on Zoella's beauty products. As we all know Zoella realised her own line of beauty products. She realised 2 Makeup bags/Pencil Cases, Perfume (8.00 pounds), Fizz bar (5.00) , body lotion (5.00) , Glow Candle (5.00) , Bath Soak/Shower Cream (5.00) . Her line is sold in SuperDrugs and Feel Unique

I can't get over her cute packaging, OMG I haven't seen such a cute packaging in a long long time. For me packaging so important because, it what draws me into smelling or purchasing a product. I know everyone is obsessed with her packaging but who wouldn't it so pretty and so cute.  I honestly wanted to purchase everything from her line just because of the packaging, but I had to control myself so for now I bought 2 of her products that I was dying to try. I love the fact that Youtubers/Bloggers are having their own products which is supper exciting. I can't wait for her to realise more. Maybe eye makeup HINT HINT ZOE! she always have amazing eye makeup anywho's this what I purchased. 

 This is the first product that I gravitated towards because again the cute packaging.I actually expected the perfume to smell really sweet and girly but, actually it has indescribable scent that I would never of thought it would smell like, it so unique, most perfumes made my celebrities are very sweet and predictable, however zoe's perfume is sweet but not to sweet just the perfect scent. Basically when you go by superdrugs give it a smell it so good your so going to buy it q actually  suites any age.  It's inexpensive it cost 8.00 pounds and for 45ml that's amazing. I love the fact that her line it so inexpensive I guess the perfect range for her target audience which are teenagers. I thought because of the price I thought the scent wasn't going to last long as its a  body mist. Surprising it actually stays quite long I've been wearing it everyday since I purchased the scent stays long especially on my clothes. 'll smell  my clothes at the end of the day and it will still smell like I just sprayed. This is my favourite thing from the 2 things I bought, and trying this I want to try her whole line. Apparently the scent is the same on all her products

5.00 Pounds
the fizz bar also smells like the perfume which is a bonus. As  you can see the actually fizz bar looks like a chocolate bar, I find it really funny that on the back it says DON'T EAT as this looks so tasty. I love the fact that it has the letter Z on each individual bar. I use 2 bars because I think it what works the best. I actually expected a little bit more using this product, I thought it would be more exciting like lush Fizz Bar, which is fine because as we can see she's bringing unique products to the market which  I Love. 

Next products I want to purchase in order
  1. Her candle, it smells so good similar to the perfume but much softer which is very nice
  2. Bath soak/ shower cream, I think this going to be Zoella scents overload which so exciting 
  3. Lotion Cream, I love the fact that it has so much so many good ingredients that just amazing. 
  4. Makeup bag I absolutely love her makeup bags the quality is amazing, the only reason why its not on the top its just because I have so many makeup bags,  but because of the packaging I think I just have to purchase it. 
I hope you liked my thoughts on her products, and if you haven't yet purchased (which I doubt) or smelled her products I really hope you do I adore her range and I hope you do too. I love sharing my favourite with you guys. I'm so exited because I never have found a range in the drugstore that I love everything and have to control myself not to buy everything.


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