Saturday, 25 October 2014

Relax With Me

Hi lovely bloggers,
As we all know life can be very stressful, Ive been feeling this way for a couple of days now. I have figured out some things I do to help me relax and really forget about the problems. I thought of making this post to help if you feel stress and give you ideas what you can do to just chill and take your mind away from the problem that's bringing you stress, I know how hard it can be especially when I get stressed I  don't sleep very well at night, so doing these things I'm going to show is important for me to just relax and have escapism.

Taking a warm bath is so relaxing for me especially with candles. I used the Zoella fiz bar, which I loved it maked the bath smell so good. 

Blogging makes me so happy and so relax, its so nice to blog and be able to talk about what I love and do something I really enjoy and not worry about what stressing me. 

When I was in High School doing my GCSE my teacher told us a technique to relax us from the stress we had, she was doing yoga and told us a very simple but effective breathing technique she has leant. Which is to sit down or lie down and breath in and out, while listing to your breathing. This is so relaxing and really helps me. 
I also love relaxing with a hot cup of green tea. Really relaxes me. 

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