Friday, 3 October 2014

Soap & Glory- Clean On Me ( Review)

Hi lovlies,
                  Right now I'm loving Clean On Me by Soap & Glory . This brand is exclusive to boots. I was given a mini gift set with a few of Soap & Glory products it came with the Hand Lotion,  Shower Jel, body butter and bath sock. I have never used any Soap & Glory products before so, this mini gift set was best for me. I always wanted to try their products but never knew what to buy. I used the whole mini bottle and had to purchase the big bottle because I simply couldn't get enough.

What I love about it

  • The first thing that I enjoy from a body gel is the smell. The name describes the scent in a way its called '' Clean On Me'' it literally smells fresh\ clean but in a good way its a very indescribable scent but trust me its AMAZING. Added bonus the scent stays on your body for a while which is unusual for a body washes, I've tired many from Dove to The Body shop and non of them stay as long as Soap & Glory '' Clean On Me''. 
  • The packaging is LOVELY. its 500ml which is so good because, it will last for a long time. I LOVE the fact that is has a pump its so convenient, makes it much easier that squeezing a bottle. 
  • Its such a moisturising Body Gel, Its like if you were using a body butter instead of a body gel, honestly the best thing ever. I think i would never get bored of this. 
There's nothing else to say just plain Amazing and I will keep repurchasing this product. 

What is stated on the bottle

If you have any other Soap & Glory products you love please comment bellow. 
Hope you enjoy this mini review. 

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