Monday, 29 September 2014

Favourite Fashion Statement

Hi Beauties,
I bought BoyFriend Jeans couple of weeks ago in Matalan. Honestly its one of  my favourite Fashion  piece. Ripped trousers are on trend right now and absolutely love it, In the past I didn't really like ripped baggy Jeans.

 I've realised that most of the jeans sold in shops are very similar to each other and there is nothing that stands out, I know Jeans are Jeans, but I think jeans are so important well for me, as it something I always wear. So to spice my outfit I like using different jeans for example baggy, skinny, ripped, patterned jeans.  These Jeans are so comfortable, more comfortable than skinny jeans of course. I just feel so free with them and not tight, they feel like PJ bottoms, honestly no joke. What attracted me the most is the colour of the jeans ( acid wash), I love how its a lighter colour in the centre and darker around the ages such a unique Jean.  Something I would say that if you do purchase it you should get a smaller size than you actually are, because I wore my actual size and it was to baggy than it suppose  to be. These jeans are of very good quality its hard to find good quality jeans well for me it is, usually when I buy jeans that in a few washings the colour begins to fade or the jeans start to rip, however now I learnt not buy jeans in those shops I used to by from. Like I said I've had this jeans for a couple of weeks and its still good as new. So if your looking for good quality tourers I recommend you go to Matalan.

Heres the Jeans in action

I hope you enjoy my first fashion post, if you have any question please comment bellow.

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