Saturday, 27 September 2014

Fitness : Motivation

Hi, Lovlies
I decided to make this new series were I talk about healthy eating, losing weight, motivation tips, my exercise routine and other things.  My first Blog post is Motivation which is the key ingredient when  losing weight. Going through a fitness journey myself, Ive learnt some motivation tips that I want to share with you. Either if your thinking of starting or journey, or you already started but need extra push.  

personally going through this journey I needed to stay motivated. I read blog post myself to keep the motivation going. I've build some tips myself which are the following. 

1. the easiest tip chose an exercise that you enjoy and will stick to it. if you chose an exercise that you don't enjoy you will get bored easily and give up. Think it as trial and improvement. Each day you should try new exercises to see which one you enjoy the most. for example, I found that pilates was the best chose for me, I enjoyed it so much because I found it challenging and exciting. 

2.  when I decided to changed my lifestyle I took a before picture. Taking a before picture helped me stay motivated because, in a month time I could see the different. Sometimes you can't when looking in  a mirror, as you look at yourself everyday you forget how you looked before, and because you see no difference you quit. This is what happened to me in the past when I was trying to lose weight but always quited.

3. While your doing exercise do something else, for example watch TV or even listen to music. Personally for me watching TV help me,  I wasn't just focusing on doing exercises I was also being entertained. Normally I would watch Friends or catch up on my shows e.g. Pretty Little Liars. Sometimes doing exercise is the only free time I have, so really I'm killing to birds with one stone.

4. plan your workouts worse thing is doing your exercise without a plan this would become annoying and you would just quit, I say this because its happened to me before. I never had a weekly plan so when I came to do my exercise I would have no motivation and it wouldn't be exciting I would just lose interest. What worked for me is that I used Blogilates (Cassey's) workout calendar each day is planed for you and each day your work on a specific body part which is amazing so, basically is like having your own personal trainer but for FREE. Im sure you have heard of her,  but if you haven't check her out she's amazing with her help I was able to lose weight but also feel stronger and healthier. ( I will do in-depth blogpost about Blogilates)

5. Instagram
I would search for fitness or even Blogilates to get motivation from others that are going through the same journey, this really helped to get inspiration for healthy food and other things. I would recommend you look at Instagram for motivation and tips. Even seeing other people progress picture would motivate me, thinking that one day I will achieve my ideal body.

These are my main tips that have helped me so much through my fitness process. I hope this will help motivate or keep your motivation going. I know how hard this journey can be, and I'm here for any of you that have any questions or even tips that I can use. I know going through this is a emotional rollacoster and you need supporters. I personally had many people who helped me through this and I want to be that person for you. But remember you can achieve everything you want, and yes losing weight  healthily is hard but is a great journey especially when you can see the difference and realised how far you have gotten.

Please do comment bellow with any questions even to chat about your journey. I hope your having a great weekend.

Michel xx
aka BurstWithEnvy


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I followed you back and I really love motivation posts! I also want to do fitness and clean eating posts on my blog as well!

  2. Aw that be great, thanks for following me. Yes you should start I love reading about fittness to its so helpful.
    Michel xx