Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hi lovelies,
                I recently went to Portugal for holidays. Shopping around I found this cute little shop in the town centre that had an exclusive JLO collection, can't express my excitement of finding her collection, as where I live her collection isn't available. It was very hard not to buy all her collection. Each pair of her items came in a collection for example, these elephant earrings came with a matching bracelet and necklace, she also had a heart shaped collection, leopards, teddy bears and much more things. Sadly I couldn't find a website where I could purchase more of her things which is really sad, because I love everything from her collection, but of course everything was very expensive. These earrings cost 32 euros I would never of bought something so expensive for myself, but I just couldn't say no. Plus I don't go to Portugal everyday, so that was my excuse for purchasing these beautiful earrings.

All her collection is Silver Plated expect one of her items was gold plated, I think that was 50 euros. These earrings have small silver stones around the elephants head, trunk and eyes. Which made them stand out in my opinion. I also bought these earrings because it suites every outfit. Before purchasing these earrings I thought to myself am I going to wear them often, honestly couldn't see myself not wearing them with my outfits.

                                                       Here's a closer look to the earrings

I really love these earrings, for this reason I wanted to write a blog because I'm so obsessed. I wanted to share my obsession with you guys, just In case any of you are going to Madeira, Portugal. You be able to purchase her collection. The shop was in the centre of Funchal can't remember the name of the store I think it had the word Belle init.

At the back of the earring there's the JLO logo 
I love the fact that the JLO icon is at the back and not to big.

What's your thought of these earring. I hope you like this blog post
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