Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mini Haul

Hola, today I will be sharing you, some things I picked up from Superdrugs. Superdrugs had the 3 for 2 Mix and Match offer. 

Heres what I purchased 

I wanted to get sleek eyeshadows, but even though they are so well loved by many beauty gurus, I cant seem to feel the same, for some reason they don't excite me weird right. Anyways I did pick 2 eyesahdows from Loreal Paris ( Colour Riche, L'ombre Pure), the colour rage they have is amazing so many warable colours, as soon I swached them I feel in love, and I usally don't gravitate to drugstoreeyeshadows. They are so buttery very pigminted. I actually want to go back and purchase more, they amaze me for a drugstore product.  
I also purchased the overaly hyped Maybeline Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze ( Bad to The Bronze) I simply purchased this because I had my eye on  it for a long time, and always told myself I dont need other Bronze eyeshadow, but Its so beautiful that I couldnt stop myself, so I  just went for it and bought it, and now Im so happy I have. 
My Bidorema is almost finishing so I decide to purchase Garnier Micellar Water (£3.32) orginal its (£4.99) as it was on sale I decide to try this out and see if it comapres to the Bioderma, beacuse as we all know the Biodema is expensive and hard to find in the UK. Although I did find a webiste that sells Bioderm ( 
Finally I purchased Pradas new perfume Florale 30ml, at my local pharmacy/ perfume shop. I wanted to purchase a new perfume, I realised that I changed of perfume scents. I used to love sweet scents like my JB perfume, Nicki Minaj and Marc Jacobs Dot. Now I cant stand sweet perfumes they make me feel sick, their too sweet for me now. Weird right how you Randomly change of  perfume scent. Now im liking more fresh, floral scents, witha bit of fruity scent. I smelt view perfumes like See by chloe, Marc Jacobs Daisy and the new Nina Richie perfume. The one that standed out was of course Prada, its just amazing its floral with a hint of fruity, but so fresh. I also asked if it was ulimited and it isnt so thats great. 

Thank You for reading, it means a lot when you stop and read. i love Make Up so much that I enjoy sharing products with you guys. Comment bellow if you have any questions or simply want to talk about Makeup. Hahah.Have a nice day! 

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul, I would be reviewing products soon, but also creating eyeshadow looks, with the new eyeshadows. 

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