Saturday, 17 May 2014

Things Im Loving

Hello, Lovelies 

I wanted to share the things Im loving. 

I have a love and hate relationship with the Bioderma, sometimes I love it some times I dislike using it. Im allways changing product I remove my Make Up with. I was using mac cleansing oil but It finished, so then I used No7 cleansing lotion but not a big fan of this, it kinda stings and dosent remove make up very well. So I decided to try Biodrema again and thought to myself why did I stop using this. I feel in love with it again and I think I will keep using it. 

I know I only got the ItsJudyPalette like about 2 week ago but I instantly feel In love with it, honsetly its raising to the top of may fav palettes. Its just so beautiful to create a day to day look is so simple but lovely, and Judy have tutorials on her channel which helps with new looks besides the once ive been creating. Im way gutted. I  purchased  this palette when the mothers day deal was on with ThatsHeart Palette and yes I did get an amazing deal, but now they have other way better deal. They are doing 2 for $20 (£11.89) on its ItsJudyTime palette.  Celebrating the arrival of her Twins. I think this is such a cute thing Bhcosmetic are doing. ( If you go on the webiste and click on the deal it has a timer, so you know how long you have left to purchase it) honsestly beacuse its ulimted I would so purchase other 2. 

Im loving mac Blanc Type for highlighted because  the shade from ItsJudyTime is nice but not how I like it. I like sparkly highlight for my inner corners. 

My RealTechnique Sponge makes my concealer application so eassy, and my concealer looks so good. I just simply love it.

Finally I have a brush to put eyeshadow on my lower lash line I used to apply it with my shader brush, beacuse I didnt have a pencil brush for this. The sigma E30 is amazing for this, its so soft. 
I also love using my belnding brush (E25) when I pruchaed the Sigma brushes, I got this for free it was one of the free gift from Sigma. I love how clean my eyeshadows look now that im using theblending  brush 

And finally I am loving my Marc Jacobs Lola perfume, its not a perfume I usually  gravitate for, im more of sweet perfume kinda gal, but Ive realised my taste in perfumes have changed, I dont like sweet perfumes anymore, I prefer flora those kinda soft perfumes, anyways Im loving the Lola one I cant describe the smell but all I can say its that it smells AMAZING! 

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