Thursday, 3 July 2014

My palette collection part 1

Hello lovelies, 
I want to share my eyeshadow collection and thoughts 

1. Too faced Natrual Eye
This eyeshadow palette is very pigmented, very buttery  and traval friendly, it all neutral colours which are my fav type of colours. There's 3 matte eyeshadows which are the top collumn and the rest are shimmery colours. Something which is really great on the lid there's a pouch where there's cards on looks. So a day look, classic and fashion look which is really amazing espically if your just starting with makeup and not sure which colours to use together. There's every colours you could think of to create a perfect look even if it's day look or night look. My fav colours are nude beach and coca puff. Nude beach is a shimmery pink eyeshadow great  for the over the lid. Cocoa puff is a bronze brown colour which I love for my crease. 
Packaging- the packaging is carboard feel, it's great for travelling beacuse the eyeshadow are protected as it has a magnet to close so it won't open easily, it's also small enough to put in your hand bag. As you can see it has no mirror which is annoying but because of the quality of the eyeshadows I don't mind as much. I know two faced recently upgraded this eyeshadow pallete and it's now a tin case and they added a mirror, they also added 3 new colours they removed nude beach, velvet revolver and cocoa puff although, they removed my fav colours I much prefer the updated palette. If I had a choose I would of picked the new one  espically beacuse of the new colours added and the way the palette looks. 

The new Two Faced natrual eye palette. 

2. UD 3 
Out of all the palettes I prefer this one. I own the naked 2, although I did love it at first, I don't like it has much now it dosent have as many colours I would use in a day to day bases. Anyways I prefer the naked 3 beacuse it has more wearable colours, there's no colour I would not use . I love all the roses tones as well as the more dark colours for a spokey look which I love creating. Many people prefer this Packaging from the naked 1, I prefer the the nake 1 because the packaging is unique. What do you think? I know it would get messy but I don't mind that I would wipe it down, like I do with my palettes now. The brush is a duo ended brush the same one as the naked 3 . I decide not to use my brush this time because the brush when you wash it, it becomes rough which is weird right? Overall I enjoy using this palette and use it almost everyday, it also makes applying eyeshadows easier, so if your knew at make up I would recommend this palette beacuse it easy to make looks. 

How yup enjoyed this small review, I decide to make this blog post beause I've used these palettes for a while now so I can give my true opinion about them. Hope you enjoyed and keep on the look out for part 2 
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