Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spice up your makeup brushes/pencils holder

Hello beauty's today i am going share something I found on tumblr. 

Instead of using beads to help hold your brushes, like ive seen in many diy youtube vidos. You can use salt instead making it more accessible, but not just plain white salt but coloured salt. 

You will need
1. Plain fine salt
2.clear jar (it can be candel jar)  
3. Chalk or pastels ( I chosed pink and purple, but of course choice a colour you desire)   

How I did it.

I poured some salt into a small container and used pastels to colour the salt. You can either stir the salt using the pastel/ chalk or I found an easier method by rolling the pastels.I discovered that it was quicker. The more you stir the more pigmented the salt will get. ( Lay a towel before stiring the salt because it can get messy.) 

 You can either do this by using chalk or pastels I didn't have chalk so I experimented with a few things like crayons that didnt work. I then tried pastels and then of course it worked

When you have finished colouring the salt for example in pink you can then pour it into your jar, then colour the salt in purple and then pour it into the jar, creating a purple and pink rainbow. This a quick process and dosent take long for the salt to change colour. 

Heres the final product, i think it looks so preety and makes your room look colourful. 

I used mine to hold my pens and pencils.

I hope you have fun creating this DIY, if you create this please send me a picture.  


  1. That's such a cute idea! Looks so cute :) X

  2. Thank you for commenting, and yeh i love my room looks more coulorful now