Thursday, 10 April 2014

Harry Potter world Warning spoiler!

Hello lovlies, i want to share something very exciting. I went to Harry Potter World in london. Omg I was so excited 

I decided to create a blogpost and tell you my opinion. I really love it, it was such a great experiene and knowing the fact they actually film in those studios is amazing to be able to walk where Emma Watson did. You go through stages and there will be tvs around with the actors  explaning how eveything worked, how all the special effect were made. I learned so much from movie production and how they make everything to seem realistic its incredible and so clever. They would also give you a passport were you can stap on it when you have arrived at the different stages which awesome. So when i'm older I can renemebr this. 
I tried the butter beer honestly not my taste i didnt like it at all it made sick it was very sweet. But thats just my opinion my friend liked it. Also just incase you cuz are going beacuse i know when I was going i wished someone wrote about Harry Potter world as i wanted to know things like how expensive is the gift shop, where to eat? 
The shop is expensive as you can imagine a mug is about £10 pounds, magnets are £3.99, key rings prices  vary from 4 to 5 pounds. I saw pillows were like £20 , the wond replicas were about £25 around about that. They also had sweets that where seen in HP movies that was fun. Choclate wonds for £7 they had lots of things like books, writting books, pens, teddys and more. 
Also hedwig the Owl was there because they were doing tour and they were there for this month. That was amazing. 

I will show just a bit of pictures not to spoil it for those who do want to go. But if you want to see more pictures. Write to me on twitter and i will. Thank you hope you enjoy. 

Butter beer. 
Hope you enjoyed the blog. If you think of going to harry potter i recommended you do. You will have the best time and love it. 

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