Friday, 25 April 2014

How to do: braid hairstyle

Hello guys! 

Todays post is how to do this simple braid I dont have a name for it just looks cute!! I will write a step by step how to do the braid. It was hard to take pictures so there won't be as much pictures but ill try to explain it really well. ( I didnt invent this braid)  

Well here we go, hope you enjoy 

1 step: create two french braids ( if you dont know how to do a french braid there's lot of toturials on YouTube)   Split your hair into 2 and then start braiding 

I started creating here, make sure your braiding backwards but if you braid to much to the front it won't look right. 

Heres the side shot. 
This is how its looks like. So you understand why the braid has to be at the back so it looks like a back braid so your able to see both braids from the  back. 

Step 2: Now for the easy part, get both of the ends of the braids and create a not  with the hair and then do other not until the hair is all tide up and then tuck it inside.  

And here it is.... Simple but so cute, i just love this braid it so easy to create and so pretty. Oh and a TIP: bobby pin the hair you just noted, so it wont full and its secure.  

Hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post and if you create this look. It be awesome if you tweet me your pic. My twitter is burstwithenvy 

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