Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mac pallete review

HOLA! Ladies
I was cleaning my mac palette the other day and decided to a review on my mac palette case. I got the single mac palette.

This is the mac palette empty. The packaging is very sleek, sophisticated typical mac signature packaging. I bought the palette without dividers whitch is 15 slots, because I wanted to be able to fit more mac eyeshadow which you can without the dividers. I think its better without the dividers, without them the eysahdows are still protected and secure. It uses magnets to close with more secure again so it wont open if you travel with it. I have travelled a lot with my mac case and it hasnt broken the eyeshdows are prefectly fine. 

I also deiced to get a mac  palette beacuse its cheaper to get pans of the eyeshadows which are £10 each and for a eyeshadow pot costs 12.50. The bad thing of buying the pans is that for example,  if your just buying eyeshdows from mac like I am, you cant take anything back, beacuse they dont accept the pans. As  you all may know if you take 5 mac products to mac you get a product free. 

Heres the palette open as you can see theres a lot of space. The palette isnt big, is the perfect size to travel with. 

The only bad thing about the palette is that it gets dirty really quick inside and out. Like all macs products it get very dirty. I dislike this beacause i like having all my makeup clean. 

If your not sure of purchasing a mac eyeshdow palette, i really recommened you getting one. I even use mine to add other eyeshaodws that arent mac and fits eveything perfectly. My eyeshadows dont move they are secure and safe.  Its great for travelling. I just love my mac eyeshdow and dont regret buying it. 

Heres my eyeshdows. If you want me to do a blog post of the mac eyeshdows just commented bellow and I will. Thank you for reading 

Do you have a mac palette? What do you think? 
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