Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nyx jumbo eyeshadow

Hi, ladies Today post is a review of the Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils. Finally nyx arrived in stores in the UK, they are available in next stores. 

I purchased these two eyeshdow because they were the two that stand out from the other colours. I chose yogurt and  french fries. 

Yogurt is a pinky Champagne colour, always nice to have a champagne colour for over the lid. Simple day to day look with a soft brown in the crease. 

French Fries is a dark brown with a hunt of gold with glitter, its a hard colour to describe.  it reminds me a bit of bronze from mac its not a dupe but in my opinion is similar. This colour is great for the outer v and of course blended to the crease. 

A great day to day look is yogurt all over the lid, and then French fries on the outer v but to create a more soft look, you need to blend and blend until its to a  light brown. This is because French Fries is very pigmented. Of course if you want to create a night look then you can just blend once to blend the lid and crease colours together . 

These Jumbo eyeshadow are very cremy and easy to belnd but also pigminted these are the first colours I have tried from the Jumbo eyesahdows and I love them I want to go back and get more colours.  Each jumbo eyeshadow was £5 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and follow my blog so you can get updates for when I post my blog post. Hope you enjoyed and have a lovely day 

Have you tried any of these Jumbo eyeshadows? What do you think? Any other colours you recommend.  

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