Saturday, 29 March 2014

Review on NYX mega shine lipgloss

Hello beautys. 

Today I will  be review nyx mega shine lipgloss in beige. Nyx is finally here in the uk. In selected next stores, like every beauty lover I went on the nyx page and saw which next stores are having nyx products. I was so exited that my local next store will be selling nyx cosmetics. 

The next day that the collection arrived, I went to next and checked out the collection, they didnt have all the collection which is not a suprise beacuse, we usally dont get all the collection. This lipgloss was the few things i purchased. 

The ligloss is absoutly amazing! I think its the best formula I have ever tried. Its so smooth and creamy to apply and very pigmenting.  The smell is the best its smells like bubble gum. Everytime i apply this ligloss I can smell it. Its just so beautiful. I really recommend you trying these lipglosses they are the best and for the price it just makes the whole products even better. 

This colour is pinky tone. Is like your lips but better. I love the packaging its so preety the button is clear to show the lipgloss colour, and then the top part is black, on the  top of the wond there's a 3D balck bow, this is what made me try this products, Ha yes i'm a sucker for packaging.   
 I cant express how I much I love this and you just need it in your life. Turst me! This ligloss beats my mac lip glasses. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and if your not sure weather to buy this. Im telling you your not going to be disappointed. 

Have a lovely day, lovelies 


  1. This is a lovely colour! I have never tried an NYX lipgloss before, this is a fab review :)

  2. Thank you, oh they are so amazing turst me should try some