Sunday, 30 March 2014

Body shop vitamin e cream

I was never into the body shop but its becoming my favrouite beauty shop.I ordered some things from body shop a couple of weeks ago and I decided to review some of the products, beacuse I know its hard to buy something from the body shop speacily if you have never tried their products before its a bit overwhelming. I hope this review and feature reviews will help you decided. The best thing about body shop its that they always have discounts online or even in the shop or you can also go online and look for discounts and add the code to your order. Sign up to their website as they tell you when they are doing discounts. 

One of the few things I bought was the vitamin e cream from their vitamin e range. I wanted to try a new moisturiser  that would really hydrate my skin, as I have dry skin. Its hard to find a cream that can actually hydrate my skin.

This has actually helped moisturise my skin, and keep it hydrated  throughout the day and makes it easy to apply my concealer, as there's no dry patches. I used to be lush lover for skin care but body shop is wining. My skin feels smother and softer and brighter not dull how it used to be, I say mircale in a tub!. 

If you have dry skin i recommend using this moisturiser, to keep your skin hyrdating and looking bright. 

The formula is not thin and not thick its in the middle.  it only takes a few seconds to try, and it smells so good I cant describe the smell, but it just smells incredible. If you pass by a body shop just smell this. 

The packaging is perfect size for travelling or just throwing it in your bag to keep moistrosing when you know your skin needsit especially in this  cold weather. Its a typical simple packaging from the body shop. At the front it just has brief information about the product. Inside it has a applicator. Its stop the cream from spilling. Again great for travelling.  

I have tried some of their products and the things i have tried I love and didnt feel disappointed. I hope this reveiw helped you decided whether you should get this product or if your looking for a new moisturiser. Overall a great product and when it runs out i will be re purchasing it, and I also want to get the rest of the range.  

If you have futher questions that I didnt answer please write a comment and i will reply. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed. 

Have a lovely day 

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