Sunday, 30 March 2014

Body shop aloe lip-care

I did a purchase online for body shop, and was so excited to receive the products. 

One of things im going fo review today is aloe lip care. 

So far so good, i bought this from recommendation from essiebutton, i always trust her recommendations. She said that her lips where dry and skin was pealing and that this products helped. My reaction was like hell yes i need this in my life. My lips where always feeling dry and rough and when i would apply lipstick it wouldnt apply smoothly of course. 

However, this is a product sent from heaven. Honestly the best lip care product I have tried, I have thrown away all my other lip care products that where no use. This leaves your  lips hydrated and feeling so smooth. 

The formula is thick but easy to apply and dries quick. It comes in a tube with an easy applicator, it looks like those applicators you  get when you would buy those clear lipglosses tubes, remember those? It just makes it easy to apply directly to your lips. Theres no scent as its natrual alove vera no added chemicals, fragrances and if you smell a aloe vera plant it has no scent. I do enjoy things that smell but as long as it does a great job I dont mind. 

Thank you for reading 
If i have missed something please leave a comment and I will reply Or if you have any futher questions. 

Have a lovey day girlies. 

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