Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mini haul

Hello beauty's I have other hauls for you! Just few thing I picked up in boots. And a product I got from France.

First products is the Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose. This lip balms smells so good. it's a clear lip balm and very leaves my lips so soft! I already have the Nivea lip balm in creme carmel and love it so much so i decide to buy it in raspberry ross. This is £2.25p

The next product I purchased was pure & natural facial cleansing wipes from Nivea. I love these face wipes this is my third packet. and wouldn't purchase other wipes.I've tried the simple wipes but they where rough and i had to rub my eye hard to remove my make up which resulted in my eye getting red I actually found that it left my face dry. however Nivea wipes are so soft and gentle leaves my fave hydrated and soft! these wipes are great for the skin as they have aloe Vera and bio argan.
Argan oil is a natural source of vitamin E.
aloe Vera hydrates the skin. This is £3.00.

The next product I purchased from boots
Was the Burt's Bees in mango butter like the nieva lip balm. This leave my lips very soft. This smells so good of course like mangos but in a good way! This was £3.65

The last thing I purchased was the Bioderma h20. I purchased this when I went to France!. I was very excited when I saw this product as is so raved by many beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I've used this for a week now and so far so good! It leaves my skins so fresh and clean. It removes my make up without irritating my eyes or making them sore! I recommend you try this! Best product I've tried for removing make up! I also recently just found out that bioderma is finally coming to the UK! And will soon be available in pharmacies! I can't wait! Are you excited like I am?!

So beauty's have you tried any of these products what do you think? If you want more depth review of these products please comment bellow.

Hope your having a lovely week!


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