Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nieva lip balm in raspberry rose

Hello beauty's
Nivea sent me a lip balm in raspberry rose to review I was so excited when receiving this in the post and especially being asked my Nivea to review it! Although I was sent this by nieva. Doesn't mean my opinions aren't mine.

As you all ready know by my march faves post I love these lip balms, not just me who loves this but my whole family as I got them addicted to them.
As you know from my mini haul post I all ready purchased this lip balm before being sent the lip balm by Nivea. I've been using this everyday for a week so I can give my true opinions.

This lip butter leaves my lips very soft and smooth. I apply this lip balm in the night and my lips are so soft in the morning. The smell is the best part when I apply it on my lips I can smell the scent and just makes me love it so much more. Because its creamy it makes it easy to apply.
the packaging being so small and flat is easy to put in your bag pocket or in your jean pocket and its easy access. The size of the lip butter is perfect because it doesn't take much space and also is very light so it's easy to carry around.

I hope Nivea makes other flavour of this lip batters! I would be the first one to go and buy some!

Tell me beauty's have you tried this product what do you think? Thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. I have always been a fan of nivea, their products have never let me down.

    I really hope to find this product in South Africa soon!

    1. Same here I've been a fan of nieva for a long time!
      I'm sure they might have a page in South Africa which you can order it online?
      Thank you for commenting.xxxxx

  2. Hello Michel! I am a fan of nivea aswell, since i was just a girl. I havent seen this product in the store yet, I'll definitely get it when i find it! Thanks for the review is great.

    Following you now your blog dear.
    MAria C

    1. Thank you for following me Maria I will deffentily see your blog!
      Yes I love nieva since little girl like you!!

  3. Looks great, heard it smells amazing!
    .Georgina Clare.

  4. Me encanta Nivea!!

  5. A mi tambien Judith
    Gracias por comentar
    Que tengas un feliz semana

  6. I've heard so much about these lip balms recently, I definitely need to go and pick one up :)

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    1. Yeh they are amazing! You should deffently pick some up!

  7. I love this lip butter, smells amazing! x