Saturday, 1 September 2012

Small MUA collection

Hello beauty's.

I just recently found out about MUA ( make up academy) its exclusive at superdrugs.

I love MUA as the prices are very cheap (£1-£8) and the make up is very good quality.

Some of the stuff I'll show you is from their website They recently had a promo code so I took advatege and ordered.

If you follow their facebook page they will tell you about any promotion they have currently on their website or superdrugs

These are the products I bought:

Sorry about the photo being the wrong way i couldn't change it.

These are the products i have so far; lipstick shade 2 & 7 (£1), Pearl eye shadows in shade 4, shade 3 & shade 26 (£1), Eye primer (£2.50), Out there plumping lip gloss in peach shimmer (£2), Trio eye shadow in Innocene (£2.50), Finally the lovely undressed palette (£4)

Again sorry about the picture
First i'll start with my favourite MUA product which is the lovely undressed palette, this is my favourite palette because it has amazing colours for a smokey eye look and the colours are very shimmery and pigmented which is perfect for the price so its a total still, something else which is amazing and makes me love this even more, is that is a dupe for Urban Decay naked palette so if you cant afford the naked palette I recommend you buy this one. Something i don't really like its that the shades don't have names they have shade numbers, but beside that i love this palette so hurry and go buy one in your local Superdrugs!

right shade 31 left shade 4
I love this eye shadows, shade 4 which is a pinky purple shade in the picture it looks like a light colour but in person its a dark shade, I'm in the middle with this eyeshadow because its a dark shade but i use this under my lash line which makes my eyes pop out. Shade 31 is a beautiful light blue, which is perfect for over lid colour. Like the undressed palette the colours are very pigmented and shimmery, but also last long which is a bonus. These are £1, so for the quality its great.

top one is shade 4 bottom shade 26

Trio eye shadow in INNOCENCE

This eye shadow trios are very pigmented and shimmery, because this colour has a dark shade, then mid shade and light shade its perfect for a smokey look, however i don't really like these colours because they're too dark and i prefer lighter shades, i bought these eye shadows because of the white shade. Overall if you like dark shades and creating a smokey eye look, this is perfect for you.

left shade 7 Right shade 2

I love these lipsticks, because of the colours and the pigmentation but also because they leave the lips moisturised not looking dry like other lipsticks i've tried. Shade 7 is like a dark pink, shade 2 is purple pinky colour which looks amazing on the lips. And for £1 mua did a great job!!

These are swatches of the lipsticks the top one is shade 7, bottom one is shade 2. Shade 7 looks different in the picture its actually more darker than that.

The best part about these lipsticks is, that the bottom part of the lipstick comes off and its like a lip balm in my opinion. This is great it's like 2 in 1 which is amazing for £1 if you haven't tried any of these shades, I recommend you too.

lip gloss in peach shimmer
I can't live without my lip gloss, its so shimmery like the name of the lip gloss. I finally found a lip gloss that actually gives colour to my lips, the others i have tried they just give shine, but this lip gloss does. One bad thing i don't like, is that it tingles your lips but i don't mind because of the results it gives. If you don't like the thought of a lip gloss tingleling your lips, this is not for you but trust me the tingley sensation is worth it.

Eye primer, i'm in the middle with this product because it works for me because my eye shadow lasts all day. But even without a primer my eyeshadow lasts all day, i guess because i don't have oily lids, but I asked my sister to try it as she has oily lids to see if it works for her and it doesn't. Her eye shadow creased and didn't last all day, so this the only mua product i wouldn't purchase again.

I hope i convinced you into trying mua, because i guarantee you won't regret it. Have You tried MUA products? Do you like them?



  1. Hi, what a lovely little collection of MUA! :)
    I'm sure you will grow to love them as much as I do haha.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I am now following you, I'd really love if you could follow me back?

    Laura x

    1. Hi, thank you! Mua has a new lipgloss collection can't wait to try it. I'm following back :)

  2. I love your collection! Thing with MUA is it's totally addicting and my collection grew quickly :P Loving your blog by the way :D

  3. Thank you ! oh yh I know what you mean I want all the palettes Jeje they have new lip glosses collection have you tried them ?

    thank you for reading my blog

  4. I love mua! Basically half my makeup is from them :P could not live without out it! x

  5. I love Mua too they have new products can't wait to try them ..I'm going to follow you love if you followed back