Friday, 31 August 2012

Dirty work products

Hello Beauty's

Dirty works is exclusive at sainsbury's, its similar to soap & glory. but the best part is that dirty work is  cheaper than soap and glory.

I Wanted to try Soap & glory but it was bit expensive so when i heard about Dirty work and how cheaper it is, I was really excited to try it. So i went to my local Sainsbury's and bought  these products; ( When i bought this products they had a sale on so i'll put the orignal prices.)

On the left "Youth sexy thing Day Cream"(£3.99) On the right " wake up call face wash" (£6.99).

Dirty works face cream i really like this products as it makes my face very clean. but because it's called "wake up call" I would have thought that it will leave the face refreshed. but it doesn't, it also claims that it removes make up it does remove my BB cream, but it doesn't remove my eye make up unless i use a scrubber. Honestly i don't like the smell of this face wash, but my mum like's the smell so maybe its just me. ( tell me what you think?)

                                   What the product claims it does is in the pink background

I love this cream it refreshes my skin, it feels clean and fells softer. I also love it because it has pea extract which is very good for the skin. the only negative thing i have to say is that cream is very small even its 50ml (1.69 fl.oz) but it doesn't really matter because,the cream is very thick you only need a small amount of cream to cover your face.

                                                          what the cream claims it does

 I really recommend these products especial the day cream because it cheap and your skin feels clean and soft.

well beauty's tell me have you tried Dirty works products? Do YOU like them?

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