Saturday, 1 September 2012

Olay Gentle Cleansers face wash

Hello Beauty's

Beside my "Dirty work face wash and day cream" I sometimes use Olay gentle cleansers face wash as my skin care routine. this face wash is for normal/ combination skin

In Boots its £2.99

I really like this face wash and recommend it because it leaves my face so refreshed and in the morning that's what i need to wake me up, this face wash has cucumber and aloe both are perfect for the skin, cucumber refreshes the skin.

other points why i recommend this;
1. it doesn't leave my skin dry and i have very sensitive skin
2. removes my make up leaving my skin very clean
3. its smell very good better,than Dirty work wake up call face wash

this is a swatch of the face wash its feels very gel like.
Have you tried this what do you think? Any skin products you recommend?


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