Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nivea pearly shine lip balm

Hello Beauty's

I've been using Nieva lip balm for four weeks. So I can give my honest opinion. I bought this lip balm in boots (£2.29).

I used to use Vaseline, but Vaseline is a bit addictive as you want to add lip balm every 5 second so, that wasn't good as it ran very quickly.
Nivea pearly shine lip balm

I wanted a lip balm that moist my lips and non greasy and finally i found this which I love. To be honest i only bought it because, its pink and glittery both thing i love ha ha.

The packaging is very cute and feminine. What I love about this lip balm is that it actually gives colours to  my lips doesn't just moist it . it also  gives my lips a lot of gloss and shine. Another great thing about this this smell delicious.

As you can see the bar is the same colour of the lid,when its swatched on the hand. I didn't post a picture of the swatch, because you couldn't really tell the colour. But on the lips you can tell the colour of it which is great.

Overall i recommend this Lip Balm as your lips feel beautiful and glossy.

Well Beauty's have you tried this lip balm? What do you think? Any lip balm you recommend?


  1. i love the smell of this lip balm!:)

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