Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mini Bh Cosmetics Haul

OMG Im so excited to share my Bh cosmetic Haul with you guys. 

Just a couple of months ago, I found Itsjudylife on YouTube. Yes it took me this long to find it. I instantly feel In love with her channel and then of couse I visited her beauty channel and love it to. She also has a spanish channel which I got so excited when I found out. Im still wondering if her family is spanish or something. She also listens to Latin songs during her vlogs. Anywhos, watching her channel she mentioned her palette she made with Bhcosmetic, so as a beauty lover,  I quicky researched her pallete and feel in love with it, I also saw ThatHearts pallete and liked it to. 

So I went on the Bh cosmetic page hoping for internacional shipping, and my wish was granted. The shipping wasn't as expensive as I thought.  I was browsing the website I found that they where in SALE, OMG YES,  beacuse its mother day soon in America not sure when. They had a sale. So I decided to get both palettes for way cheaper. 

So I purchased  both palette and was beyond excited to receive them and play with them. Until then I just looked at review and was a bit disappointed with the reviews but hey everyone has their own opinion. So I was still excited. 

I was so surprised with the shipping it was actually fast, I ordered it last saturday and it arrived on Thursday, when I came home and saw the package I was like OMG it cant be, but it was.  

Ill do a more in depth review when I have used more both Pallete more, but  instantly feel in love with Judy palette. The colours are more up my ally, I still haven't played with the bright colours so I'm supper excited! 

Hope YOU enjoyed my BlogPost.
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Have You tried itsJudyTime palette or ThatsHeart palette?  

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