Friday, 9 August 2013

Collection extreme 24h felt tip liner

Hello lovelies hope your having a great summer! Today I have a review for you collection 24h felt tip liner.

This is my first felt tip eyeliner that I have used, because, I was new at applying liquid liner I wanted to look for a pen felt tip that was easy to create a line without making a mess. it did take me time to make it perfect but as I practised it was easier and easier to apply, and I can say I found it. I really love this felt tip liner. The tip of liner is thin and easy to apply a thin line but you can make it thinker if you like too.

Easy to apply 
Last long
Doesn't smudge to the upper eye. 
Can create thin line or thick line 
Price (2,99) honestly can't go wrong with this price. 

There's no negative comments about this eyeliner. 

Hope you loved reading about my opinions, I would love to hear your thoughts. 
Any other pen felt tip you recommend? 


  1. This looks like a really good felt liquid liner, normally I find they dry up to quick! :)

  2. oh its a geat felt liquid liner for the price, no it dosen't dry up qick its actaully so good. i wanted to try the eyeko felt liquid liner i heard its really good.

  3. This eye liner is the best out there in my opinion, I bought the newest felt eye liner by L'Oreal not long ago and it's no where near as good as this one!

    Shannon x


    1. Hello thank you for commenting, yes I agree this felt eye liner is so good and great for big beginners