Sunday, 11 May 2014

Georgio Armani- Eyes To Kill Mascara

At ladies night, I bought my mum a Georgio Armani lipstick and as a freebie the makeup artist gave me a mini Georgio Armani Mascara. She gave me 3 mini mascara, who dosen't love a freebie espically Georgio Armani brand. 

So heres what I think. 
Its such a great mascara, its kinda expected for Georgio Armani Makeup. It makes my eye lashes separted but in a good way, no glups and it makes my eyelashes volumized, just great.

I love the brush to, its not big and no small its just perfect size in my opinion, the bristles are separted and this how I love mascara wands to be like, beacuse I think having a brush like this, helps to separate the lashes more.  

The formula is very black. If it wasnt for the price (£23.00) I would purchase the big size, I belive there's amazing drugstore mascaras for way cheaper. Also mascars run out so quick that I see no point of buying an expensive one. Unless its on sale of course. 

However, my final thought. Its a great mascara, possibly the best one Ive tried, but Im still trying to look for a drugstore mascara that will be my holly grail. 

Any Mascars You recommend that you love? 
Hope you enjoyed my blogpost. 


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