Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to school clothing haul

Hello beauties, how is your weekend going? Ill be starting college tomorrow and I want to share with you clothes I bought for college, from forever 21 (online) and Tescos.


These are my purchases. The leggings and the vest is from forever 21 and the grey cardigan is from tescos. I bought 2 cardigans to get ready for the cold weather, and I don't like wearing coats so prefer getting warm cardigans. I got a plain black vest to go under clear blouses, and black goes with everything. I decide to get dark blue leggings because I prefer them to black leggings. Tescos jumper is my favourite clothing piece, because it looks simple but at the shoulders they have these black patches, which makes the jumper more exciting and edgy. As you can see I dress simply for college but with style I also look for clothing items that will keep me warm outside college and inside. 

I hope you like the clothes I picked and enjoyed this haul. Thank you for reading.  



  1. I really like the cardigans you have purchased. Although Summer is my fave season, I am so cold year around that I love going shopping during the Fall! :)

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yeh me I love shopping during the fall I love wearing jumpers and cardigans so warm.

  3. Thank you, I'll check your blog and course ill follow you

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