Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back to school supply shopping

Hello beauty's, today I'm sharing my back to school supply. 
I start college very soon so decided to go supply shopping and wanted to share my buys. 
Going supply shopping is the best part of going back to college. It gets me excited for the new year. 

I hope this post helps you if your looking for supplies, and organisation tips. 

Firstly from the pound shop I got some revision books, books I use to revise at home. This why I got it from the pound shop because it's cheap. I've realised that noting things down help me revise better. 

From the pound shop I also got a folder to keep home, for when I have lose paper I can keep them organised. Instead of keeping lose paper in my draw all messy.

I  also bought a planer to keep more organised, note down homework's and things to remember this way I get things done and keep organised. 

Also from the pound shop I got 2 pens blue and pink. I love colour cording my notes. It makes it easy to revise from, and more colourful. And it actually makes revision less boring. 

I got the rest of my supplies from Whsmith. I got 2 campus note books 120 pages. 

I also got some sticky notes to write notes on my notebooks or use has bookmarks to things I need to look at or revise. 

Finally I  also bought flash cards and easy fun way to revise key words and other information. 

If your new on revising and not sure how to start, I recommend using flash cards because your testing yourself, making sure you know the information. Other way I revise is writing everything down then revise what I wrote. I hope this tips help if you need more advise leave comment down bellow. 


  1. I use flashcards too! Poundshop have really upped their game recently with their stationary which is amazing I love that folder!

    Shannon x


  2. Thank you for commenting, yes I love flash cards the best way to study. Yes they have, they've had good things recently for back to school.